呼吸センサ Abches UNI
Abches series

Abches UNI

Features of Abches UNI

Downsized main unit significantly contributes to the flexibility of the mounting position of the unit on the treatment table, reducing interference with the gantry.
The respiratory level is displayed in the compact liquid crystal display (LED).
Place the LCD in the position where the patient can directly check his/her respiration level without using the patient mirror.
The main unit is completely wireless. The respiratory wave signals are detected by the sensor and transmitted wirelessly to the controller
The device is battery-operated and requires no wiring.

Abches UNI Specifications

Main Unit
Detection range 80 mm
Arm Length L: 210ー400 mm
Dimension W: 520 mm
H: 415 mm
D: 190 mm
Weight 1030 g
Display Unit
Dimension Wd : 123 mm
Hd : 600 mm
Dd : 35 mm
Weight 540 g