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Abches ET

Abches is greatly useful for DIBH left breast treatment.
DIBH:Deep Inspiration Breath Hold

Features of AbchesET:

•Downsized main unit significantly contributes to the flexibility of the mounting position of the unit on the treatment table, reducing interference with the gantry.

•The respiratory level is displayed in the compact liquid crystal display (LED). Place the LCD in the position where the patient can directly check his/her respiration level without using the patient mirror.

•The main unit is fully wireless. The respiratory wave signals detected by the sensor are transmitted wirelessly to the controller using a battery.

Abches ETデジタルネットワーク構成図

・The operator consoles are implemented with Client & Server system, and register patient data and record respiration data.
・The console is integrated with the hospital network through HIS/RIS, receives patient data and display treatment results includes respiration data.
・The console sends the respiration data to CT for 4D-CT reconstruction.

Respiratory gated radiation and 4D- CT function
・The unique phase calculation algorithm enables two types of respiration gated radiation each depending on the respiratory phase or on the gating window. The optimal selection depending on the patient respiratory status provides high precision in respiratory-gated radiation.
・Respiratory phase is calculated from the acquired respiratory waveform and the respiratory data for 4D-CT can be transferred to the CT gantry.

LCD monitor for the patient

The patient can check the respiratory level markers and actual respiration levels on the LCD. The LCD can be installed separately from the main unit so that the patient can see the display clearly and directly.

Main Menu

•Respiration monitoring
•Patient data search and create
•Recorded data search and edit

Respiratory Monitoring
•Abches parameters and respiratory waveform display
•Gating level setup
•Gating monitor

Gating Function

・The Gating is an operation that links treatment irradiation and CT imaging with an external device. Abches plays the role of the external device.
・Abches can be integrated with CT, Linear Accelerator or Proton therapy system.

abches III

abches III

Patient data history and display function

・Display and print of the patient radiation record and respiration data.
・Patient radiation record include Abches setting parameters and respiration wave data.

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