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abches is a device that allows the patient to self-control the respiratory motion of the chest and abdomen.

The control of respiratory motion is crucial for enhancing precision and assuring reproducibility in CT data acquisition and radiotherapy involving respiratory movement of the lungs and other organs.

A high degree of respiratory control requires patient cooperation. Stable respiration is very difficult to achieve in situations in which patients cannot monitor their own respiration.

Therefore, a patient-friendly, easy-to-use device has long been sought.
Abches is the ideal solution.

Product Features
Simple structure with no power source or batteries

The principal parts of Abches are constructed of resin. No metal is used.

The main body of the device, consisting of the measurement unit and stand, weighs only 1.5 kg.
No electrical parts are used; therefore, no electricity or battery is required.

Simple and accurate respiratory control

Abches enables visual confirmation of respiration level on the basis of the following principles:

1.Simple, easily viewed display of respiratory level

The arms with chest and abdominal contacts move together with respiratory motion.

2.Clear indication of respiratory level

The motion amplitude of the two contact points on the body is displayed as rotational movement of the needle of the indicator unit.

3. Visual confirmation of respiratory level

The patient controls their respiratory level by confirming it on the indicator. (Visibility is enhanced with the dedicated mirror on.) The transparent indicator allows the operator to confirm the level from the other side of the patient.

Applicable to a wide range of modalities

Abches is compatible not only with Linac and X-ray CT, but also with PET, and can be used inside the gantry.

Abches is effective at reducing image degradation and artifacts caused by body motion.

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